Blue Job or Pink Job

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Pink and Blue Jobs #PromoteYourself
What is a Pink Job?

Is it doing the laundry? emptying the dishwasher? cooking the dinner? dusting the bannisters?

What is a Blue Job?

Is it changing the light bulb? cutting the grass? taking the bins out?

My husband and i seem to have colour co-ordinated certain household chores and are still quarrelling over what is a pink or blue job. The trouble is when both partners work, do pink and blue jobs still stand? Do women feel that husbands are equally sharing the domestic chores?

Do men feel that if they cooked the dinner, their female counterpart could take the bins out?

What are household jobs categorised by these days? Is it based on the level of strength needed to complete a chore or how much capacity each person has to do the housework? How do you decide who does what without getting into an argument over it?

Have you noticed how many people are now going self employed and entering new trades such as residential cleaners, dog walkers, gardeners.

Could this be the solution and put an end to the so called ‘nagging’!!!

Hallelujah #PromoteYourself

If you haven’t considered it before, why not consider hiring a weekly or fortnightly cleaner so you can spend your spare time taking up a new hobby. Why not get a professional gardener to cut the grass whilst you enjoy an afternoon kicking the ball around in the park with your little ones? Time is money so save yours to do what you enjoy doing best.


Forget the Pink jobs and Blue jobs and ‘Find the right person for the right job’.
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If your still scratching your head trying to figure out how to find your local tradesmen rest assured, Tapin Trades is due to launch very soon and will be putting tradespeople on the map. You might find that John the plumber only lives two streets away from you and as he hasn’t travelled very far to get to you, he might even quote you a slightly better than reasonable price!!

We here at Tapin Trades are putting Traders, sellers and small businesses on the map, so you can find that cleaner or painter and decorator closest to you.
Have a look to see what jobs in the household you sub out, chances are its not just you which could be a great oppertunity to #PromoteYourself.

What are Pink or Blue Jobs in your household?

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