How to start working for Yourself #PromoteYourself?

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Promote Yourself

We have put together a quick essentials guide to start #PromoteYourself. This is an ideal starting point for people that want to start working for themselves, or want to just start making some extra cash on the side…


Firstly you need to have your idea, hopefully you have looked into weather it’s a viable option before you start this process.


Your Start up capital (money you need to pay for equipment etc just to get your business up and running), this amount will differ depending on your idea…


Generally you don’t have to be an artist or an animator or know how to use complicated software like Adobe packages in order to create a logo. If you go online you can hunt down a free logo creator which will do all the hard work for you and even have prebuilt templates you can use such as Vistaprint.


Have in your mind who your customers will be and how they will pay for your service so that you can choose the right payment types. There are many options these days other than cash or cheques, and more secure options.


Invoicing customers after your work is complete shows a professional touch even for those moonlighters or hobbyists out there just doing some work on the side. An invoice will give your customer a sense of security that you take your business seriously then they are happy to keep using you which has now just won you repeat work.

I know what your now thinking, your thinking you have to now crack open your laptops and start working out a design in excel with formulas, luckily you can download prebuilt invoice designs, so all you have to do is keep a filling system so that you can give the accountant what he needs within dates he requires… YAWN…

Smart devices rule the markets these days, if you haven’t got one get one! Or borrow your children’s, Or take your younger siblings… Now download an Invoicing app which lets you send your customer an invoice on the spot and store the contact for easy future use.

Now you are ready to get out there!

So your sitting by your phone and…. It doesn’t ring…. Shocker!

At the moment you have everything set up but know one knows who you are or what you do… almost like putting a show on at the royal albert hall and know one knows its happening so know one buys a ticket or turns up.

You could rely on word of mouth and if you have already setup on the basis you have a substantial amount of client that want to use your service due to word of mouth already then you are off to a great start… Always remember word of mouth is the best source of advertising.


Advertising is a huge expensive mind field and your probably thinking like everyone else that you don’t have the budget, just so you can start earning some extra cash on the side…
So lets use the free tools we have to hand to get us going with the Zero budget we have.

Before we move on check out Tapin Trades app features, iOS and Android app was designed to combat all these problems.
Tapin Trades allows you to #PromoteYourself and maintain your profile just like your social media profiles. Then people can find you on a map and even post jobs for you to find….

Social Media

Social media being used socially is a mind field by itself let alone trying to use it for advertising to #PromoteYourself… On the other hand these are free options for what we want to use them for and have huge audiences world wide that you can specifically target when you start paying for ads…

Below is a list in no particular order of great social media options you can use in different ways, you can pick which ever you feel best suits you:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin
  5. Youtube

See which social media platform suits your business.

Finally for those who want to go further with their business setup and at this point are now willing to through some cash at it, next step is to launch a website.
This is now incurring a monthly or a yearly cost depending on your skill level will determine how much it will cost.

What you will need to pay for is a domain name (your URL address that shows in the address bar of your internet browser).

There are some great options out there for beginners whom have very little experience or knowledge in this subject., or are great sites to get you started. They cover your hosting your domain name if you haven’t already bought one and you get support if your stuck with your design, they have professionals ready to jump in and fix or design for you…

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