How Far Will £10 Get You?

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What is £10 pound worth?

So how far will 10 quid get you these days. For some its the same as losing £1 down the back of the sofa, for some others not much further, and for the more money savvy people, a little further than that.

What was £10 worth over 30 years ago?
Everyday goods Price in 1982 Price in 2012 % change
Draught lager, per pint 73p £3.18 336%
Bread, white loaf, sliced, 37p £1.24 235%
Apples, per kilo 68p £1.75 157%
Milk, pasteurised, per pint 20p 46p 130%
Sausages, per kg £1.59 £4.40 177%
Butter, per 250g 50p £1.38 176%
Carrots, per kg 35p 86p 146%
Sugar, per kg 44p 98p 123%
Coffee, instant, per 100g 97p £2.68 176%
Eggs, per dozen 73p £2.82 286%
Vehicle fuel, ultra low sulphur diesel, per litre 36p £1.42 294%

*As these prices are based on 2012 don’t be surprised if life isn’t more expensive again.

How far can £10 go in social circles?

If you plan on calling your friend to organise  a party, make sure you don’t spend more than 1 hour

40 minutes on your pay as you go phone, else your £10 will be up.
If you go out for a drink, don’t plan on drinking more than 2 drinks, as your £10 will be done. To be able to spend like this, you should loose the taxi, and walk to your destination…

How Far can £10 go at home?

Around the house isn’t much cheaper these days either. I recently replaced 6 spot light bulbs in my kitchen, £10 gone! If i go to Tesco to do a quick essentials shop, I’m lucky to walk out of there with 4 or 5 items of food. £10 won’t get you any Internet or TV so your going to have to learn the art of board games again…

How Far will £10 get you in business.

Well if you can’t spread £10 around the house or out in the retail world, what chance have we got on using it wisely in the business world… Yes if you had lots and lots of £10 notes then you could use it wisely. You could Investing £10 in stocks and Shares, this should get you 1000 penny stocks or, you could buy 12 $1 shares. That mind you is a better option than savings, interest in Savings at the moment is 1% depending where your putting your money, which should earn you a massive £0.10 on top…

How far can £10 get your business with Tapin Trades?

Now that I have depressed you about how expensive life has become over  the last 30 years, Im going to tell you how much you Can get from your £10.

£10 will get you 2, yes 2 months of ‘Promoting Yourself’ on Tapin Trades.

What does this mean?
Lets say you do this, Thank You for your business! You have potential customers out there waiting to contact you. For example, if you were to promote yourself as a dog walker, and you found yourself inundated with calls to walk 2 peoples dogs, then at £5 a dog you have now earned your £10 back (100% interest).
Maybe you cut hair you would promote yourself as a ‘Hair Dresser’, If your phone is ringing off the hook with 1 customer and you charge at a steel, £10 a cut, you have just made (100% Interest). All this and i bet that took the best part of a couple of days, which should leave you with 7 weeks left of free advertising…

You can’t find Investment like this anywhere!

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