Tapin Trades To Launch New App By End of May 2017

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15 March 2017

London-based sole trader founded Tapin Trades. He designed an app to allow individuals, small businesses, sole traders or self-employed people, have a better outlet that doesn’t cost the earth in advertising.

The increasing success, and popularity of social media apps, lead to the idea of Tapin Trades. This has lead to, Tapin Trades developing this app that, advertises your business in the same interaction style as, a social media app. The ‘Promote Yourself’ style of managing your profile will open the doors for all new up-and-coming, self-employed people.

What the Team Say

According to The Tapin Team. The app is an in-map location based advertising app, that allows you to ‘Promote Yourself’ in numerous areas, and in many industries. Users have free features such as; posting jobs using; images, dates, and descriptions, for sellers to see. Sellers can find jobs by setting areas of work. When a job is posted, within said area, sellers can view, then contact users. Also, we will send notification alerts, to sellers when jobs come up. Other features include a wallet feature to add funds via PayPal, and a play and pause feature so you can pause locations your advertising in so that you’re not wasting funds when you are busy.

Whats Next

Following the unexpected success, of interest, in the development of Tapin Trades app. The Tapin Team, have already started work, on the design of a web-based platform. This will allow ease of use, convenience, and will open the doors to non-smartphone users. This development is expected to help gain interest from more savvy investors.
Tapin Trades app launch date is very imminent. The release date will bring about Tapin Trades first promotion – First six months of free advertising for all, and full use with no in-app purchases from launch date. More information will be released following the launch at the end of May 2017.

About Tapin Trades
Tapin Trades is the number one iOS and Android app for your advertising needs. Their advertising services cover businesses, skills, talents or qualifications. Tapin Trades makes it easy for you, to find people with unique skills, all in one place, such as; Hairdressers, Plumbers, DJ’s, Gardener’s, Accountant’s, Make-up Artist’s, Party Planners, Tutors, Dog Walkers and much more. See Tapin Trades listed as an Approved Businesses in the UK.

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