Tapin Trades Launches App

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The App

New app launched to connect skilled freelancers with clients – offers free advertising promo

A new app called Tapin Trades has just been launched to forward a marketplace which will allow skilled freelancers to promote their skills effectively, and connect with clients looking for their service. The app is also offering free promo money for 6 months.

London, Sept 18 2017: News for rising freelancers struggling to make their mark among big boys in the market. UK-based tech freelancer Tomas Charles has just launched his new app, Tapin Trades, to extend a fair playing field for self-employed/freelancers where they can flaunt their skills with success in a social media designed environment. The innovative app is free to download and also comes with a promo offer which extends a handy £30 to sellers for free advertisement.
Tapin Trades works on both Android & iOS platforms.

What the Director Says

“It’s a great moment for us to announce that we have finally launched our new inspiring app Tapin Trades after 20 long months of hard work. It is geared to create a fair and just marketplace for the freelancers to help them thrive with success despite the fierce competition around. The app is dedicated to connect skilled professionals with clients who are looking for their jobs. If you are a seller you can put up your profile and promote your skills on the app for a monthly amount. Those who are looking for sellers can post their projects and search for sellers on a map. It’s free for all and the coolest part is we are also offering free money to sellers to advertise their profiles for 6 months from our launch date”,

Tomas Charles while announcing the launch of the app.

Finding Your Seller..

Tapin Trades allows users (those looking for services) to create projects and post jobs with photos and descriptions for sellers to see; they can also save locations to find sellers locally. The app allows both map and text views of the seller’s location and profile. As sellers message them, the users can compare the interested sellers by studying their profiles, skills, locations, previous job portfolio, price, reviews and social media links. If the user is satisfied with the job of the seller, he can even “endorse” him on the app for the benefit of other users.
“Our in-app messaging feature enables sellers to message you. But they can message you only once and we won’t reveal your contact details. We don’t want you to be pestered with numerous messages. If you finalise your seller, then you can choose to disclose your contact details. This is to ensure you get messaged by those who mean business. Besides, we will keep on sending you notifications whenever there is anything happening on your posted jobs or projects”.

Promoting Yourself…

The seller-members will enjoy more or less all the feature enjoyed by users. They can elaborate about their skills/qualifications and apply to multiple industries if they have more to offer.
“You can save your desired location and we will notify you the moment any project of your interest is posted within your selected distance. One of the best parts of the app is its Pause & Play function that helps with easy management of your business promotion budget. You can pause your promotion anytime you want, when you are on tight budget or don’t need promotion for that month. Your promotion would resume the moment you tap on the ‘play’ button.”
Tapin Trades allows sellers to spread their business by adding in multiple locations. Added to their skills, sellers can show their recent projects, pricing and promos or deals they are offering at present.
“Our app is geared to weed out bad freelancers, regardless of their qualification status and forward opportunities for skilled people even if they don’t have qualifications or much experience.”
The app is currently launched for the UK market but soon will be extended to the US & Canadian scene.

To download Tapin Trades app, please visit the Apple Store on your iPhone or Google Play store on your Android device.

£30 in your wallet to start you promoting yourself…

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