How it Works



Step 1

Sign Up and Log in as a User!

All Users have the option to become a Seller at the touch of a button.  


Step 2

Goto your #PromoteYourslef via your quick menu from your home screen.

Here you can access your User profile and your #PromoteYourself settings. 

"Best feature, Pause and Play your Subscriptions as you see fit!"

T.T. Team

Step 3

Add Funds to your Wallet...

Add funds to your wallet to get you going or cover you for a while. No direct debit, just top up your wallet as and when you choose. 


Step 4

Add Your Companies...

Yes that's right add multiple companies ! if you want to take advantage of the summer with some window cleaning or gardening, a couple of clicks and your now advertising yourself in any industry you like!


Step 5

Add Comapny Deatails

Add as much or as little info as you like. we have set you up a profile with a social media inspired design. So keep your company as up to date as you like. (Tip) The more info the better tho. 

Don't forget the first £30 is on us!
T.T. Team

Step 6

Add Multiple Locations

This is a great option to grow your audience add as many locations as you like to any of your companies. Don't worry tho we won't let you over spend, at the bottom you can track monthly outgoings as well as wallet total.


Step 7

Track Your Monthly Costs...

Do everything you need from account overview, add more funds to your wallet, track your overall monthly spending, Pause and Play your Locations or Companies to alter your outgoings as you need!

Promote Yourself! How to...

Remember we are giving away £30 for every one who signs up in case you want to start #PromotingYourself...

How it Works for Users