Start Promoting Yourself

When you start 'Promoting Yourself' get all 'User Features' plus all these features!

User Features

Map to find jobs on

We gave you a map to find sellers on, the only decent thing to do was to give you, your own second map to find Jobs that users post. From there you can send your estimates and get in contact.

Job Notification

We know that sellers are busy people, so we don’t expect you to have to keep checking Tapin Trades for new jobs. Instead you just set your area of work from your company location, we will send you notifications of any job that has come up within your, Industry and set radius.


Create your profile for everyone to see, a great way to sell yourself and make sure people can get in touch. With lots of profile options, you should find everything you need.


Within your profile page is the option to add your prices. This could be anything you like from products and product prices to, hourly rates or rates for services that you offer. We are sure you will find a use for this section.


Another one of your profile page option, we have given you a section where you can add images with descriptions of recent jobs you have done… Another good use for this section can be to stick up an ad for a promotion your doing so people see! (I didn’t tell you that…)


Having reviews from users is great for your rating. Users can leave reviews and star rating which will help you gain more work. People like to find their sellers by word of mouth… So get good reviews and this in affect your word of mouth (app).

Adding Companies

It does exactly what it says on the tin! Add your company details such as location and industries, and away you go… Got more than one company? Add another, and another. We provide you with an accounts overview so you can track them all.

Adding Locations

You will not find this anywhere else; once you have added a company, after getting loads of work in through our App, you might want to expand! Good for you, we allow you to add locations so that you can expand areas for more people to be able to see you…

Account Overview

The Account Overview helps you to keep track of how much your monthly outgoings are such as; Companies and company locations, compared to what’s in your wallet.

Pause or Play

Play or Pause is one of our ingenious features. Great for when you go on holiday, us ideas. The way this works is similar to pay as you go. when you add companies and locations, in the Account Overview page you are able to Pause or Play your company or location when, business is booming or, when you are running low on funds. Pause or Play allows you to streamline your advertising. Get the most out of your wallet!


Your wallet holds your available funds, easy to keep track of within the Tapin Trades. No it’s not a holding account and no you can’t withdraw funds once you add funds… The great part is no direct debit, You can add funds using your PayPal account or your credit card or your debit card. Any in app purchases you make will come out of your wallet so no surprise charges.