User Features

Saved Locations

Saving Locations allows you to add as many locations as your require. This is great for, I don’t know, let’s say you need a Window Cleaner at one of your many properties… Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to select the property and then the App takes you there on the map where you will be able to view all Window cleaners around that Location! Great!

Endorse Sellers

Endorsing Sellers, helps the seller be seen as such. If you have used a good seller, endorse them let the world see! Also when you Endorse a seller that seller, they will be added to your endorsed sellers list, a great way to keep track of people you have used or been recommended.

Map or Text View

We love our map view, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to see sellers, and there locations from you. If for any reason you are not a fan of the map view, you can switch to see only text and we will list the sellers in ascending order of distance.

Post Jobs

Posting Jobs is a great way of being lazy! Let them come to you that’s what we say… Post a job from any of your saved locations. All you have to do is write a brief description and take a couple of photos if need be and sellers will send you estimates with in the app keeping your details secure.

Remember ALL these features are FREE services for users!


In App Messaging allows you to contact sellers whilst keeping your identity intact. If you post a job sellers can only message you once. We recommend our in app messaging. Only when you find your seller, it is then up to you to reveal your contact details.

Your Projects

Let’s say you are throwing a party… No a wedding reception! Start a project, Set party location, and then post jobs from that location. DJ, Cake Maker, Hair and Mack up, Decorations, Catering, Im running out of ideas but you get the drift. Let sellers send you their estimates. You just sit back and watch E4.

Seller Profile

What’s the point finding sellers if you can’t read about them first? Well with the profile page you can see sellers, Reviews and Ratings left by others, Schedules, Portfolio of recent jobs, Price List of products or service and, not to mention, links to all there social media sites and contact details…


Just in case we have not made it easy enough for you yet, we will as you would probably expect let you know about every little thing happening with your job posts or your projects. How’s that for an easy life!

Promote Yourself

Do you have a service you think people will pay for?